Business Productivity Coaching

Have you reached the top of the corporate ladder but don't like the view?

Are you in a career transition and want to find the right job instead of any job?

Are you a leader who is so busy being busy, that you're having a hard time producing?

Are you interested in bringing fulfillment and balance into your professional and personal life?

Are you just starting out and aren't sure what you want to do?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, Business coaching is right for you.

Business coaching is a powerful process. Coaches guide successful people, leaders, and top achievers to create laser focused long and short-term plans so that they can measurably achieve their goals. Coaching adds elements of clarity, precision, motivation, and activation that elevate confidence and create vision. A strategic individualized roadmap is created for each individual so that they can powerfully execute their goals and reach their maximum capabilities. If you are ready to go to any lengths to take things to the next level, contact me to schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation.

Areas of focus:
· Transforming Leaders
· Accountability
· Execution
· Goal Setting
· Productivity
· Prioritizing
· Strategizing
· Motivation
· Self Confidence
· Problem Solving
· Decision Making
· Organization
· Time management
· Overcoming obstacles/blocks
· Stress Management
· Changing patterns
· Balance
· Fulfillment
· Self-esteem
· Releasing limiting beliefs

Business Productivity Packages:

My Boot Camp Basics: This 9-session package is designed to give you laser focus to cut through the mind chatter so that you can become more efficient, productive, and organized. The coach will take you through exercises that will clear your blocks and limiting beliefs so that you can build a roadmap to set and attain goals over a 3 –month time period. A short-term strategy plan will be tailor made so that you can achieve results. This package is perfect for people working on leadership skills, productivity, goal attainment, career clarification, and life transition. Get ready to work!

My Boot Camp Advanced: This 18-session package will help you delve deeper into your core so that you can uncover, discover, and discard any obstacles that are getting in your way of living a powerful life. By using a series of techniques, the coach will take you through a variety of exercises that focus on life fulfillment, goal attainment, and business elevation. A long and short-term strategy plan will be created as a well as your personal mission and vision statement. This package takes an in-depth look at both life and career choices and is perfect for anyone wanting to take a deeper look at themselves to create the life that they want to live. Like any good work out, you will feel the burn and see the results.

My Boot Camp Total Makeover: 36-sessions designed to look at every aspect of your life. From fulfillment and new direction, to career optimization, and goal attainment, to balance and transition, to relationships and finances, to health, wellness, and spirituality – this package covers it all. This in-depth program includes everything from the basic and advanced programs, and more. It is thorough and complete and will leave you feeling victorious!