About Us

Established in 2001, Chatterbox Public Relations Ink has evolved into a melting pot for public relations, corporate communications, and events. We combine experience and talent to deliver the most sought-after PR and marketing strategies by taking a creative approach when addressing our clients' goals. Whether you're looking to gain media exposure, increase sales, or to be positioned as a leading expert in your field, our team will work with you to implement a complete package that drives action and achieves results.

Gretchen Hydo, President

Results-oriented PR professional, Gretchen Hydo, has over 15 years of accomplished public relations experience. Known for her outside of the box thinking and proven pitching record, Gretchen has landed her clients in both print and broadcast mediums nationwide. She has spent years building established media contacts and is highly regarded among the press and her colleagues. Gretchen has helped to successfully launch and brand products, magazines, businesses, and restaurants and has helped her clients elevate their status by positioning them as experts in their field. Since 2001, Gretchen has successfully run and managed her own boutique PR company, Chatterbox Public Relations Ink.

When Gretchen isn't busy getting her clients superstar publicity, she can be found on the beaches of Hawaii or adventuring with her husband and two sons in one of California's campgrounds.

Ray Young, Senior Vice President

Leveraging more than 15 years of extensive public relations and media strategy experience, Ray develops and manages clients’ national public image campaigns.

Over the years, Ray has repeatedly been recognized for excellence in public relations; winning professional awards for specific PR programs and campaigns, managing individual PR events, opinion writing, as well as press release and media advisory writing. His experience spans numerous business sectors, with a specific focus in finance, legal and technology.

John Hydo, VP of Marketing & Events

For over 20 years, John has been designing and producing world-class marketing campaigns of all sizes and genres. Specializing in “Wow,” his marketing and event experience has made him a highly sought after industry veteran. His love and knowledge of technology coupled with his vast experience in entertainment sets his design for marketing and events apart from other companies. “We have so many amazing technological social tools available to us today." John says. "For the first time in history, we now have the ability to touch our desired market with pin point accuracy and with the right product or service, we can deeply and profoundly impact the world. Its a fantastic time to be in our industry." When it comes to marketing and events, Chatterbox believes that “first impressions” are everything and you only have one shot at making a message a memorable one. John has long standing relationships with many fortune 500 companies. BP, ARCO/AM-PM, NIKE, Research PEPSI, The United Way, REMAX, and many government agencies like HomeLand Security, The FAA, The Department of Transportation , and CMS have recruited his services. John was also responsible for creating the "I Gotta Guy" national advertising campaign for AAMCO Transmissions.

Jonathan Rappoport, Senior Marketing Executive

Jonathan received his undergraduate degree in finance from the University of Connecticut and his MBA in marketing from Vanderbilt University. Jonathan has worked for a number of Fortune 500 companies including Bank Of America, Kimberly Clark, Vivendi Universal & Twentieth Century Fox. He has always had an entrepreneurial drive and a passion for creative marketing and branding and has produced stellar campaigns for Chatterbox’s clients.

Nikki Boon, Social Media

Twitter. Facebook. LinkedIn. Google+. Nikki has been working with social media since 2006 when Facebook was only available to universities and on its way to forever changing the way we communicate, advertise, and socialize on the web. Nikki is a social media expert extraordinaire and helps Chatterbox’s clients maneuver the ins and outs of creating successful social media campaigns.

Angela Hey, Writer

Angela graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from UCLA in 2008 with her bachelor of arts in American literature and culture. She went on to become an accomplished writer who writes web pages, articles, press releases, bios, sales and marketing materials, and much more. Her articles have landed Chatterbox’s clients in a variety of high profile magazines and top-notch publications.

Cherish Alexander, Web Designer

We offer a unique approach to website design, knowing that you have only 10 seconds to catch your viewers attention. We believe that your website should be more than an extension of your business card. It should tell a compelling story, give the viewer a reason to stay on the site, and convert them into customers. Cherish has been deigning top websites for the last ten years. She is an expert at graphic design and creates websites that are anything but forgettable.